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Welcome to Steven Photography

Bookmark and ShareWe are based in Pretoria, covering Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

The way that Steven Photography’s style can be expressed is: relaxed, natural and spontaneous. It can also be seen as friendly, classic and artistic. Striving in capturing those special moments when you feel most at ease.

Planning your big day is certainly very time consuming and has a lot of stressful elements to finalise to ensure that you have every moment perfect.Choosing a Photographer can also bring a strain in knowing who to choose to ensure that day is captured perfectly. That is why we want you to relax and just enjoy the day with your family and friends while we capture the natural and spontaneous moments that’s priceless throughout the years.

Your wedding photographs tell the story of your special memories that was enjoyed by all. Your wedding photographs will be your most tangible reminder of your wedding day and will be appreciated by friends and family even for generations to come.

We want to capture all the impressions and moments that make your day so beautiful, from the details that you’ve been planning for months to the spontaneous moments shared with loved ones.

Remember always to strike a balance between affordability and excellence. Less is not always more.

You are not only paying for someone creative and skilled to be part of your wedding day, you are also paying for the hours and often days of editing, image enhancing and layout of your wedding album etc.

Getting married is one of the biggest events in your life and you really want it to be a memorable occasion.

Photography our passion - Your memories captured.



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Wedding Theme

Modern - 11.8%
Traditional - 5.9%
Romantic - 5.9%
Vintage - 11.8%
Victorian - 5.9%
Classic - 5.9%
Asian - 5.9%
Urban Chic - 5.9%
Country Charm - 5.9%
Colour - 5.9%
Seaside - 0%
Spring - 5.9%
Summer - 5.9%
Autumn - 11.8%
Winter - 5.9%
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